Quotes of the Night

Occasionally members of the troupe trip on their tongues and things come out not quite right. Rarer, there are some dramatic statements that we like to look back upon. As play is usually disrupted either way, we thought it best to record the most memorable quotes here.

"I've got my best people on it." -- Celer (Chris) explains his decision to bow out of a trip to Hardknott.

"It's the king's butter now." -- Christopher? (Chris) absconds with a peasant family's foodstuffs while on patrol.

"It's probably my spear." -- Roland (Mike) surmises the reason for a noblewoman's sudden amorous interest.

"I have come with an invitation to the Stonehenge Tribunal's . . . . Stonehenge Tribunal." -- The Redcap Mildreth (Chris) gets right to the point.

"Perhaps Roland is feeling her out at this moment." -- Savaric (Mike?) theorizes about how Roland and Phaedra are passing the time in the Saint Bernard Pass.

"Don't be surly to the head." -- Baelthornon (Patrick) warns the party about manners in the Saint Bernard Pass, obviously a hotbed of quotes.

"As a general rule, don't EVER EVER EVER tell him." -- Baelthornon (Patrick) suggests the best way to approach Richard about his brother's unsavory adventures.

"We're gonna need a Rego Corpus to get your nose out of his ass." -- Prava (Mike) berates a syncophantic grog.

"Milady, if I should fight half as well as I should to deserve such an honor, I should be unstoppable." -- Christopher (Patrick) pulls out all the stops to gain the favor of Lord Strickland's sister prior to his tournament appearance.

"I bet she has nice jugs." -- Walter (Mike), the pottery afficionado, cannot resist wondering aloud about the contents of Shanna's hoard.

"Oooh, minstrel fight!" -- Pat as storyguide narrates the action as Roland tries out combat against an evil bard.

"Can you pass the beans?" -- Richard (Mike), enthralled at the dog-king's table, fails to notice his brother's slaps across the face (low perception roll).

"Tell the lady that if she holds any more faerie balls I will come again." -- Albin (Mike) in the Seelie Court. Sorry.